Building a new green. "It's easy being GREEN when you work with a company like Bruns."

From cutting-edge materials to creative designs, from strategic alliances, and from superior value to a proven return on investment, NuPrana Contracting constantly works toward perfecting the art of green building.

Committed to environmental stewardship, NuPrana Contracting has created a tradition of innovation, always delivering the newest construction methods, materials, and products to its customers. These include a unique building product that offers many advantages including usability, versatility, safety, durability, quality, and green manufacturing.

At the heart of NuPrana Contracting, we do business the old-fashioned way, with personal attention, one customer at a time. Value, integrity, and satisfaction are not just slogan - they are words we believe and live daily. NuPrana Contracting is here to help you achieve your goals, big and small, green and beyond!