NuPrana Contracting teaches a very strong code of values. It goes like this:

  1. We believe in superior service to our customers, to our commu­nity, and to each other as members of the business community.
  2. We believe that if we count our blessings every day, we will keep the negatives away.
  3. We believe success is the result of clear, cooperative positive thinking.
  4. We believe that in order to build our business we must re-earn our positions every day by excelling in every way.
  5. We believe that management should seek out what employees are doing right and treat every associate in a friendly, fair, frank, and firm way.
  6. We believe that problems should be welcomed tranquilly and should be used as learning experiences.
  7. We believe our Creator put us on this Earth to win. We will keep faith with His wishes by winning honestly and accepting our daily successes humbly, knowing that a higher power has guided us to victory.
  8. We believe in the untapped potential of every human being. Every person we help achieve that potential will bring us one step closer to achieving our potential.
  9. We believe that loyalty adds consistency to our lives.

10. We believe in building our country through the free-enterprise system. We will demonstrate this belief by constantly attracting people to seek opportunity.

This Code was developed in the very infancy of this business, when it was operating out of a small basement closet (with one truck), telling the few people who would listen that this business is anyone’s opportunity.